Your Personalized Telemedicine Clinic

The fastest way to see your patients virtually using online consultation. It’s the next best thing to being there in person.

Your Personalized Telemedicine Clinic

Your Personalized Telemedicine Clinic

Tele-Health 3.0 With XpertOnline

Your Speciality Your Brand Your Logo Your Workflows

Your Calendar Your URL

Your Own Personalized App

Expand Your Brick and Mortar Clinic

Set up your virtual clinic in no time and connect with your patients from wherever you are, even during travel.

ePrescribe with Custom Templates

Quickly and securely prescribe medications during or immediately post consultation.

Expand Your Care Network

User-base grows exponentially through simple Share App links on Website & Social Media posts.

A Dedicated Telehealth Platform

A telehealth platform developed for doctors by doctors who understand your exact needs as a practitioner.

Secure Audio/Visual Consultations

Increase telemedicine adoption with your patients with audio or visual calls. All conversations are secure through VoIP calls.

Patients Reports Available 24/7

Now have access to review all your patient’s health records and lab results with you all the time. Anywhere.

Enhanced Customer Experience for You and Your Patients

XpertOnline makes it easy for your clients to consult with you, send you their records and reports and get your expert advice, from the comfort of their home.




HIPAA Compliant

XpertOnline Helps You Standardize Virtual Care Across Your Entire System.

Our HIPAA-compliant telehealth app offers built in patient’s privacy and cloud hosted EMR with protected access.

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Grow Your Care Network

XpertOnline Pro

Try XpertOnline Pro. Secure, Personalized and Interactive.

  • Do you provide clinical advice to other doctors or students?
  • Do you advise other practitioners on their treatment plans?
  • Do you provide Expert Second Opinion to other practitioners?
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Designed by SDA, © 2021 All Rights Reserved

Designed by SDA, © 2021 All Rights Reserved