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Healthcare delivery is in transformation.  From a brick and mortar to a ‘blended’ delivery model, with online Telehealth becoming a vital part of healthcare access and treatment. Patients are evolving from being just waiting room captives to discerning ‘customers’ of competing healthcare services.

As the leadership team we unite nearly hundred person years of our combined expertise in Healthcare, Education, Media and Hospitality industries to bring XpertOnline, the best-in-class Telemedicine platform for blended healthcare delivery.

XpertOnline Co-Founder Ghazala Amin

Ghazala Amin

Founder & CEO

While spending many years as a professor of History and Mass Communication, anchoring news on National TV and hosting over a thousand chat shows for the BBC in London, I have known the challenges of being on inflexible timetables and being on call, at short notice.

I founded GizBo, dedicated to providing innovative online consultation solutions for doctors and patients.

XpertOnline Co-Founder - Indu Champati

Indu Champati

Co-Founder & Director

As a hospitality professional I am passionate about people, travel, nature, wildlife and history. After a few years in hospitality in the US, setting up the first fine-dining restaurant in Whitefield, Bangalore, I have learnt the importance and value of customer service.

Having travelled Pole to Pole and all the Continents, I am passionate about fitness and health.

XpertOnline Co-Founder - Subir Banerji

Dr. Subir Banerji

Medical Advisor

As a practicing Dental Clinician and through my teaching of Masters and PhD students at Kings College London, my professional time is equally divided between my own surgery in London and postgraduate teaching.

My passion has always been to overcome the barriers of outreach in providing access to medical care and clinical skill development.

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